Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This Is It

We arrived on Sunday. The staff on 4A presented My Handsome Prince with a card and some yummy goodies as a congratulations for treatment coming to an end. I have nothing for them but my eternal gratitude, appreciation and admiration for the job they do. Maybe I will pick up some donuts in the morning. 
Before he was admitted I asked him if he wanted to go downstairs to radiation and bang the gong after all was said and done. He said no though I am considering doing it myself. 
This round has gone pretty much like the others though it seems the toxic feeling comes just a bit earlier each time.  He was asked to participate in medical student training. A doctor brought in 5 students and proceeded to demonstrate how to get a medical history. She was quite thorough and even went beyond what we have ever experienced, asking emotional questions. These students looked like babies.  Pat was a good example with his long history, his ability to recall it all, and of course, his disposition. At the end, the doctor asked how, if at all, this cancer and all its consequences affected our girls, our life as a family since its been around as long as they have. My Handsome Prince looked to me to answer. I stated that it made us our strong unit, it defined us as to what is important in our lives, being together.  Our girls have been here every step of the way, not out of duty but of desire.
The last bag of chemotherapy ends tonight at 9pm and we will be out of Baltimore by 9am tomorrow morning. As I left this evening, I handed my ticket over to the parking attendant and said to him "I hope this is the last time" and his face softened with a lovely smile and said " I hope so too, I hope so too". 


seaneedles2 said...

what a wonderful feeling it must for you all involved.Myself,can't wait to give you hugs & more hugs.Safe journey home.We leave early Monday am.

Paya said...

SMaj is the best!!! Love the smiles here, love the energy what comes out of this picture even though it has been the hardest time we all can imagine. You guys are awesome.