Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm sort of falling apart. I'm doing all the things I am supposed to but only sometimes. I told My Handsome Prince how I was feeling lately and he said, quite simply, "if it were me you'd make me see a doctor", so I did. I am fine, physically. My sister called, she is my rock and I gave it all to her. I called my boss, my confidant, and I gave it all to him. I went to the beach today with my girls and my Man.  I am not quite there but making progress. I called a local reiki healing masage therapist and will set up an appointment when we get back from Baltimore (we leave tomorrow). Balance. My inbox will never be empty so I must stop trying to complete it.

I hesitate to publish this but the writing itself is therapeutic. Thank you (already) for your loving thoughts and wishes. There is not a lot anyone can do for either of us. We ARE good just have our moments when we don't feel so good. And that is ok.

ETA later today: why oh why do I not ride my bike more often?! Pure joy.


calicodaisy said...

Though I've followed you all these years since our first blog craft swap years ago - I still use my felted wool pumpkin pin cushion, I never post because cancer is too close after my husband had prostate cancer in his 40s & I worry for the genes passed down to our kids. Today, my fear came to meet me. My 21-year-old daughter is diagnosed with lymphoma after months of illness & 2 weeks of testing & waiting, the day before her 1st day of "real" 4-year university of her junior year (after working hard in jr college). It's not the worst of the horrible C-diagnoses, but it still is the worst to me & requires surgery & chemo in the working diagnoses. My eyes sting and my throat feels raw as if I've cried all day, but I haven't, as I am frozen & I want to kick people to share my pain ... but not you because you already hurt too much. -- michele

mama chelly said...

I am humbled to be your rock. You are mine so often. Hang are in the home stretch. So much love and tenderness to you you all.

Anonymous said...

Only you can take care of yourself. The rest of us can listen and offer support.