Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and My Handsome Prince.

This is a photograph of my Sister, my Dad, and me standing on the Academy Bridge in Venice. This was a trip of all trips. MHP was in Vicenza for a month so the three of us decided to go to Venizia and Firenze. MHP met up with us on the weekends, first in Venice then in Florence. My Dad, my sister and I had the best time! We ate the best food, had serious conversations, and true to form, found ourselves quite funny. We viewed incredible art, both modern and ancient. We walked for miles and miles, listened to the bells, drank wine, and truly enjoyed every moment with each other. "Girls, it's getting late."
Another graduation photo. This is probably the end of them. When I saw this photo, I remarked to MHP how gray he was. I think he found my statement offensive. Yet, I love it! I think he has aged beautifully, despite some scars. He is the best father. He loves his princesses and they love him. He is humorous and fun with them, mostly patient (mostly), very gentle, completely charmed by them, has the utmost faith and trust in them, and spoils them rotten. He is a good man. He is the father of my children and the keeper of my heart. LYLT. Posted by Picasa


Simonetta said...

Hi Dana,and' very beautiful that we have some good parents, great!!!
If you still came to Vicenza I would be pleased to drink a good coffee together :)))

anne bebbington said...

Dana - Venice is just one of the world's magical places - so glad you got to visit. I think it should be top of one of those 'Places you must see before you die' lists

Anonymous said...


It is nice to see others who have been touched by the water, light and spirit of Venice. There is, literally nothing like it and the trip comes to mind often and in odd moments.