Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bag #2

My grommet tool finally arrived after over a month of waiting. I was able to finish putting in the grommets and put the string in for Audrey's stuff sack. It was supposed to be ready when she went to camp in April but the tool I had was not working. I won one on Ebay, waited, waited, waited, received shippping information, waited, waited, waited, contacted the company, waited and waited. Yesterday it came! Yippee! It's a stuff sack for Audrey so she does not have to take sleeping bag and can take sheets, blankets and pillows to camp in a big ol' sack. She's been very patient. It is huge!
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weirdbunny said...

Brillant size bags, they'd be great for all my dirty washing, I would still need about ten bags though!!!!!!