Thursday, June 22, 2006


I love the lazy days of summer, even though they are not so lazy anymore. At one time, younger children, we accomplished all housework in the morning and were at the pool by the time they opened at noon. We stayed all day, sometimes until dark. We packed lunch, sometimes dinner, cards, sunscreen, books, sewing, lists, you name it. I even had a covered, conestoga type wagon that Audrey would take her nap in. Yup, she was trained well. She can still fall asleep amidst squealing children. I miss those days.

I have longed for a pool in my backyard, though I know many who have one and I have an open invitation. I really wanted to hang by a pool this week, but time did not allow. We have been busy but with a different attitude. A relaxed feel, I guess. This week has been taken up with 24 hour viruses, 2 children, 2 days apart. Audrey went on a short work trip to a local farm. They provide fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the hungry. These kids planted and picked for 3 days and also worked in a food pantry, cleaning and clearing. Emma has had to open bank accounts for college, dentist visit, college physical. Both girls need a little beautifieing before heading away for two weeks. That's just their schedules. I have been in charge of fitness at the Y this week, my boss is away. HMFIC, military talk. :-) Although, it really has not amounted to anything, just remembering to keep my cell phone around. I have taken on extra classes (8 at this point with 2 more tonight - gosh, I'm sore!) Tonight I'm meeting my GF, Tasha, for a couple beers! We need some bonding time!

I have made a little progress on my rug. I'm really liking it. I'm not a good hooker, but the more I hook, the more I get into the rhythym of it. I think I need to get another hooking project ready to keep the momentum. The only problem is, when I focus on one creative outlet, I miss the others. My fingers are itching to knit, quilt, and embroider, and that's nothing compared to the clothes I want to make! It's insane, it really is. This rug is definitely going to be a state fair entry.

Only a few more days and Cape Henlopen here we come!!!

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Gina said...

Hooray for summer! And wow, you are really coming along there!