Monday, January 22, 2007

Free day

We finally got a light dusting of snow. With that came the 2 hour delay for the school, YMCA morning classes cancelled, and sleeping in. I have been working on my pinwheel quilt and have two borders completely quilted and hope to finish the other two this week. My fingers are pricked and sore but I am determined. I have joined Holiday Headstart so am thinking of my first Christmas project. I felted a bar of soap the other night. It was quick, fun, and easy. Hmmm, stocking stuffers and little gifts to have on hand. I like that!

It's a good day, today. One that was needed. Emma made a public announcement via email about her changes. She was worried about being judged, constantly being asked questions, and just not feeling up to a public appearance. Everyone knew she had left the week before. The email made it a bit easier. She received such generous and enormous support from people at church. Family members and friends have written her back. She is admired for making such an adult decision in the way she did. Confronting it head on. She has been asked to help with Youth Choir and has the narrator part in our production of "Joseph and the Techinicolor Dreamcoat". The sisters are bonding, sleeping together, playing, watching movies but will fall back in to some individual activities. Emma will start school again next Monday. In the meantime, she makes her place in our home again. I like my family together. I know it's not forever but it's a bit longer.

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