Monday, January 07, 2008

Moving Forward

  1. For some reason, I found 2007, or my 44th year a bit difficult. Little inspiration or motivation, primarily just going through the motions. Already I'm feeling the push forward, the little snippets of inspiration, the wonder for this coming year. Here are 45 things I would like to do before my 45th birthday:

  1. Schedule regular massages
  2. Lose 10 pounds
  3. Buy 3 bras at Victorias Secret that really fit me and make me feel sexy
  4. Buy 3 sports bras that really fit me and make me feel sporty
  5. Plan and host a Creative Women's Retreat
  6. Finish these projects: my knitted/felted duffle bag
  7. socks
  8. poncho
  9. Audrey's cotton crazy quilt
  10. Start a sweater for myself
  11. Get my family involved in a service project- make a quilt for Project Linus together, deliver presents for Santa Anonymous, work in a food pantry once a month/quarter or something
  12. Step down from my position as Youth leader
  13. Project 365
  14. Open a bigger Flickr account
  15. Visit the American Visionary Arts Museum
  16. Publish my last two years of blogging with blurb
  17. Get my CEC's for my Group Fitness certification
  18. Shampoo my carpets
  19. Totally clean my basement
  20. Finish the bathroom on Deep Run
  21. Do the bathroom in Dagsboro
  22. Organize my recipes
  23. Organize my fitness papers
  24. Make a book of photos from Italy
  25. Make time for friends more often
  26. Go to Jazz Fest (okay, I'm cheating a bit as My Handsome Prince gave me airline tickets and hotel reservations for my birthday)
  27. Enroll in a yoga class
  28. Enroll in the community college (no I have not done that yet)
  29. Open an Etsy shop or sell in the local market in DE
  30. Encourage the YMCA to recycle water bottles
  31. Buy a few pairs of pants/jeans. I'm tired of wearing hand me downs from teenagers
  32. Join/Start a book club
  33. See Ozomatli
  34. See Anders Osborne
  35. See The Wood Brothers
  36. Use a heartrate monitor
  37. Introduce the idea to the Y about a service/work trip
  38. Mamogram
  39. Pap
  40. Dreads
  41. Bake bread
  42. Sew clothes
  43. Purge
  44. Explore the eastern shore
  45. A physical challenge - maybe this year will be the Seagull Century

I'm sure that some things will just not be for me and others will take its place. The point is to step outside that comfort zone, do something that, as my sister says "Rocks your world" or someone elses. We'll see what my 45th year brings.

I must say, it was a bit odd to have my early January birthday and be outside without a coat, going for a walk in 60 degree weather. More than once, I've shovelled snow.


CalicoDaisy said...

Dana: Happy Birthday! I'm making my blogging rounds before errands. I'll come to your Creative Women's Retreat! -- Michele

weirdbunny said...

well i never imagined you to be an uninspired lady ! Your also so busy !

andrea said...

oh, fantastic list! am especially in agreement with item #1. yesyesyes.