Thursday, January 31, 2008

Horoscope today

As an Earth sign you have a very pragmatic mind set. A situation at home today is going to place quite a call on your practical skills, but the planets indicate that you will be able to cope admirably with whatever the day throws at you. This will also impress someone very special to you.

Not a good sign, even before coffee, I dropped meds meant for Gus (65lbs), Honey ate, call 24 hour vet, try to get Honey to vomit, call vet again, 45 minutes later they give me # for animal poison control who tell me not to worry. No coffee, tears of frustration and incompetance all before 7am.

I started searching Horoscope sites for one I liked. Didn't happen. I hope the day doesn't throw more at me.

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CalicoDaisy said...

Hi Dana: Just blogging to pass the time between work sets. Don't bother with the horoscopes - no Truth there and it just leads to excuses for what does happen! I'm keeping up with your return to school. I have less than 24 hours to turn my application in to university - I'm more worried to be accepted than not. Then, how will I manage? Your warm solitude sounded good yesterday. I was just talking to my husband about a screened-in sunporch... Have a really good rest of the day. -- Michele