Sunday, May 04, 2008

NO Jazz Fest Day 1

Waiting for a plane, 6AM, why not? We've already had coffee and breakfast

Are we ready for this?

Mmmmm, oyster po'boys, just as good as a soft crab sandwich.

TBC Brass Band
check out this link
Amazing youth, amazing music.

A whole lotta lovin' goin' on.

Sideburn brothers, turning at just the right moment. I just love people watching.

Beer, beer, and more beer.

Groovin' girls.

The incredibly hot Bettye Lavette. Beautiful, sexy, soulful.

Two of my favorite people

Dinner at Dick and Jenny's, outstanding.

We caught other acts during the day, ate gumbo and bisque, walked the track many times, viewed the art vendors, sat with a local guy who told us we were pros when we told him of our intentions for eating and clubbing. We caught up with some other friends from Maryland, amazed that we saw them and continued to see them all 3 days in a city filled with thousands. We finished dinner, checked into our hotel, and headed into the quarter to see a burlesque show and Rebirth Brass Band. We missed the first but managed to catch Rebirth, which was just ok. We stood behind some of the burlesque girls who were quite animated and having a great time. We observed a drunk man, by himself, fall off a chair and proceed to stay on the floor until assisted up and out the door. As always, we talk about our personal highlight. I think mine for the day was Betty Lavette, although TBC was a close second.

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