Sunday, May 18, 2008

Committment Letter

For my final exam paper in Health, I had to identify 4 health risks, write about them, make recommendations for change, find social support, and make a comittment. In the end I am supposed to write a letter to myself and put it in a SASE for my teacher to mail back to me in a months time. I am not going to do that. I will write my letter here so it will be a reminder to me, always, as to what was important at this time. But I will write in list form.

Number 1 - I will be kind to my body, listen to it when it complains, take care of it, prevent or detect injuries and illnesses by self examinations, continue my monthly massages, schedule my annual exams, adjust my exercises to my age and my ability at each turn in my journey

Number 2 - I will seek moderation, in food, in drink, in exercise, in expectations

Number 3 - I will look in history for risks and try not to let history repeat itself. I will make that history known to my family so they, too, can be aware.

Number 3 - I will take care of my skin, avoid too much exposure, educate my children.

I know that these comittments will not be easy. This will remind me of the education I received on certain risks and as a reminder of making adjustments to our lives to reduce our risks. We have a certain amount of control. Thanks Mary.

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