Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Kimberly - Healing thoughts headed your way. I miss you in class.

The Dinner Club Ladies - Thank you so much for all the little surprises you left in the house. We arrived at the shore house and found flamingos strategically placed in several spots, new glasses, silverware, kitchen towels, blankets, and a lovely guest book along with a generous check to be used for the house. I know I discovered more but there were so many little surprises it's hard to remember. Thank you so much. It's lovely to receive unexpected gifts. I'm happy you enjoyed yourselves at the house.

My Professors at school - Wow! The semester is over, or nearly. Thank you to my teachers who made this transition a wonderful, achievable, goal. Work was challenging without being overwhelming, okay, there was a point where I was completely overwhelmed, but you responded in calm. Class was always enjoyable and I always learned something new. To go to school 25 years later was an incredibly intimidating prospect. You have inspired me to continue my education and have expanded my original goals. I thank you again, again, and again.

Mom - Thanks for spending Mother's Day with us. It was wonderful to be with my Mother and my children, to be a Mother and a daughter, to experience laughter, honest talk, Rockband, traditional planting, and dreams for the future. I love you.

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