Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've received several reminders that I have not posted in a while. So, I share with you some random stories.

I have finished my first semester of college at the age of 44. For 18 weeks, I went to class twice a week, conversed with people, gained knowledge, watched people, and just in a matter of seconds at the end of an exam it was over. How anticlimactic. I was depressed. Nobody said goodbye to each other, no end of school year picnic or party, no hugs or promises to get together. In the end we influenced each other's lives, teachers and students, and will probably not acknowledge each other should we see each other in town or in the fall (it's already happened). Although I have already been in touch via email with my teachers, my fellow students could care less it seems. On another school note, profe S emailed me and told me I got the highest exam score out of two spanish 101 sections. I received a perfect grade on my phys. ed. exam, and an A on my health exam final paper. I'm most happy.
We spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend at the shore, yes, shore. My Handsome Prince had a scan on Friday morning and the results were good, no change, no tumors, just scar tissue. He must go back in 3 months for another scan then can probably wait 6 months between scans. Yes! We finished moving Emma out of her apartment and down to the shore. MHP and Emma left for the shore and I went back home to wait for kids. Audrey is now taking drivers ed with her friend Crystal and they didn't finish until 6pm. So, at 6pm with 3 teenagers in the car, all 3 dogs (old man Gus made the trip just fine), the camper attached with 3 bikes on its roof, and two kayaks on the gas guzzling Expedition, we set off. I had some good karma with me that day, and made the trip across the bridge with no traffic and no problems.
It was a weekend full of Rockband,

Wii, walks,

dogs, kids, movies, swimming,

Note that we are the only crazy people in the ocean. When you have your own pool you just gotta jump in! With my own pool, I have my own pool boy too, granted he is approaching 50 but he's rather handsome.
Life is still busy but with different things. I spent one day matching socks and watching a movie. I'm frustrated with the state of my house, Emma's stuff is back in, extra furniture for the shore house, and then I just collect stuff. I'm doing a bit of gardening, here and there (literally here and shore). So that's the state of things. It's time to revisit my lists, summer, new years, and birthday and figure out what I've done, what I no longer want to do, and what I want to add.
Rest assured, I'm still here.


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Congrats on finishing your semester! I think as well more mature students we approach our classes and grades a bit different LOL, it is a great feeling to get those good grades is it not!! Congrats again!

Your place by the ocean, how wonderful!! Seems it would be so relaxing!

I am very happy to hear your DH scan was good :O) woooowhoooo!!!

Always fun to look at where we are, where we are going and where we want to go :O) thoughts on that have certainly changed in the last year...Life is good :O)...

CalicoDaisy said...

Hey there:
I missed your updates, too. I figured you were still recovering from the accident and then had exams. Now you can really enjoy your beach house!

I just signed up for a swap you might like - just to get back into your crafting - at I participated last time, and it was a really good theme, and I had a great swap partner.

-- Michele