Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Messin'

An early awakening, an excited trip to the airport. Audrey is with a group of more than 20 youth travelling to San Diego and Los Angeles. They will work with Habitat for Humanity in San Diego then they will attend ICYF in Los Angeles. She will go straight from California to Delaware to spend another week at camp. Emma is gone, counselling. My Handsome Prince went to church this morning, our paths just barely crossing. On my playlist today: Jurassic Five, Michael Franti, and Abigail Washburn, an odd mix, I know. I put together 8 banners along with instructions to make an encouraging banner to send off to Rubarb, along with a couple packs of markers and a box of pencils. This will be my first package to them. It's taken me a while to get my act together, not that it is together now. I made 4 cloth napkins, the fabric a remnant from a skirt I made last year. I finished the latest Janet Evanovich. I'm considering pulling out some counted cross stitch or even start sketching out a rug to hook, or continue knitting my duffel. No specific direction, just messin'.


Mom said...

Who/What is Rhubarb?

Rabbit Stitchings said...

My vote goes for a rug hooking project :O)... I have everything to do that but as usual I am letting everything age before I actually try it... I can build anything "new" to me up to be so big and hard in my mind and then when I finally do it I usually say well for petes sake!