Sunday, July 13, 2008

Notes From Camp

  • a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, a first for me, followed by worship
  • What do I think I am doing?
  • staff, in silly bathing caps, doing a synchronized swimming skit
  • Leader, minister on the ground in a fit of laughter over a bathing cap mishap
  • Always, the sound of music, drum, harmony, guitars
  • Voices like angels
  • the realization that I was a counselor for the seniors this year, twelve years ago when they were first graders
  • watching my daughter shine in the comfort and love of camp
  • hearing the words that my daughter makes someone's heart soar
  • Going back to my camp days and participating in a shaving cream battle that I never did in my youth
  • Boys serenade to the girls, along with flowers on their beds, brought tears to my eyes
  • Youth, not afraid to admit their faith, not afraid to question their faith, answering tough questions of faith
  • Team building exercise, stealing blocks, watching them work together to cross, their laughter, their teamwork, their caring
  • talent show, our Czech republic cooks, taking part with a recital of Jabberwocky and a yo-yo demonstration
  • staff meetings
  • pure exhaustion
  • the view from the porch
  • an interesting young peace intern, joining our staff at the last minute, totally at ease with us and us with him
  • seeing the future and its good
  • Its all good

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