Saturday, July 05, 2008


Last night, the girls and I ventured into town, again, to view the fireworks. We had it planned out. We have a parking pass for the Conference Center, so graciously given by the manager, but neglected to think it might be used for parking during this festivity. No go there. So, with the masses, we searched for a parking spot, found one about a mile away is my guess. Then we trudged with the masses to the beach and boardwalk, oh, and we were meeting our neighbor from Manchester (literally, he lives a few houses away), an impossibility. We found our spot, on the boardwalk and saw the most fantastic fireworks ever! We were right under the launching spot, so much so that ash fell on us and we had to move away after a while. They were wonderful, so wonderful, and at the end, we met our friend. A light rain began to fall, so rather than hang out, we again, with the masses, trudged back. As we did, thunder started to roll and lightening lit the sky, and then we got pelted! I mean pelted with hard, tiny bullets of rain. There was not one inch of dryness on any of us. My girls have such a good sense of humor, and we laughed, called it an adventure, and kept walking. Not so with others, that's for sure. It took us an hour to drive the 10 mile trek home. We chalked it up as something we probably won't do again but, oh, what an experience it was. We got home, put on our warmest jammies, and promptly went to bed.

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