Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Only Tuesday

Last week it was "Where did the week go?" this week it's Holy crap, it's only Tuesday! I'm sore, Pilates is kicking my ass. When I told my BFFL, she wipe imaginary tears, so sympathetic. I made a mental list over the weekend of some of the things I wanted to get done. .I contacted the neurosurgeon, spent hours on the phone tracking down all my records from the accident, and still do not have an appointment. I'm hoping they will call back tomorrow. I did manage to make my OB/GYN appointment, for which I am 1 year overdue. The mamogram will follow. Sometimes it is difficult to take care of yourself. I had coffee with my neighbor which we rarely do anymore. Along with the coffee I was given a taste of her husband's homemade sangria wine. I'm looking forward to this weekend, fresh fruit, and sitting out in the pool with a chilled glass. Still a few items on the to do list, car repair, pick up films, take belt to be repaired, CPR renewal, and I am sure something else.


Runner Gurl said...

Oh gee.... I'm due for a "mash and flash" too. Thanks for the reminder, biker gurl.

: )

Rabbit Stitchings said...

mmm I am not owning up to how over due I am on some of the annual Dr stuff... ugggggg ... have never let it go like this before but mercy me that stuff rolls round fast doesn't it!

Hope you get your appt. quickly your trying to get for the Neuro Dr.