Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's Wednesday and we are still in Dagsboro. We had a nice weekend. The Man's energy was good, although a nap was on the agenda every afternoon. He puttered around with the scooter while I got beautified (finally!). Auntie and Uncle were in town so we had a short visit with them. We even made it to our local haunt, DFH. It was nice to be missed :-) We had thought we would be back in Baltimore on Monday so we packed, straightened and watched movies all day. The call came late at night saying not yet, we'll call tomorrow. Again, we prepped, the call came, not yet. By now, we both are a bit antsy and bored. We can't really plan anything because we need to be ready to leave at a moments notice. So today, when we REALLY thought we'd be going and we still got a not yet, we knew we had to get out. A trip to Mom's to install a printer which was only supposed to take minutes turned into an hour so we all made the trip to the new Millsboro Bake Shop which was spot on. Delicious! Although I could still just eat a can of almond cake and pastry filling all by itself. Then the intent was to visit a wedding reception venue, which I had incorrect. We just visited a church's fellowship hall. Oh well. In the evening, we decided to walk to the movies. Argo was playing at The Clayton. It was a lovely evening for a walk and the movie was great! It ended up a good day.
If we get a not yet on Thursday, i will bake some cookies, we WILL go to the correct location for the reception venue to check it out, do some birthday shopping for someone special, and of course, it will be thirsty Thursday so we will be back at DFH. Now you know because I've made plans, we get the go ahead. Murphy's law.

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