Tuesday, January 10, 2006

But first

Today's task was simple and truthfully, I was looking forward to it. Clear out the tv room to make room for a new sofa. I had someone coming to pick up the old set. All I had to do was move one big bookshelf. HA! But first, I had to clear off the small kitchen bookshelf to make room for the taller one from my sewing area. Move that small bookshelf to the sunroom. So far, so good. Then had to clear off the sewing area bookshelf and take it upstairs to the kitchen, put everything from the first one to this one. But first...everyone knows that you must wipe down walls, shelves, vaccum floor or mop it when you move the furniture. When was the last time you were able to get back there? Of course, in the meantime, I'm finding all sorts of crap I don't want anymore. It gets stashed on a table somewhere so I can list it here (I highly advise you find one in your area - you can collect even more junk!). Okay, now I'm getting somewhere. Two shelves to go. I move my sewing table, a feat in itself, as it has 3 machines on it. Do I really need all these machines? No. Another thing to list. Vaccum, dust, move, clear, sort, move, wipe, clean, move, answer phone, show furniture, clear, dust, vaccum, move. My house will not recover for weeks! Or for that matter, neither will I. Ugh.

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studiobeerhorst said...

ok now you can help me at my place --lol just kidding, more work than you thought huh?