Monday, January 16, 2006


About 15 years ago,we met while camping at Cape Henlopen, De. She had children 1 year older and 1 year younger than Emma. Audrey wasn't around yet. The kids connected and we connected. There was just something natural about our ability and ease with each other. We went our separate ways. The following year, without plans, we met again! We spent more time together, exchanged addresses, phone numbers and vowed to meet again. Well, time went on, we kept in touch, we arranged to meet earlier and earlier for girls and kids only camping. I can remember getting to my site and, what seemed a few minutes later, she pulled in with her camper. Before anything, we would scream and hug, so happy to be together at Cape Henlopen. Our sites were the gathering area. We met other families, other kids. It stopped a few years ago when they moved to NC. It sounds like it went on for 15 years, but truthfully, we probably only met 5 times, but it was intense and great! We did manage to meet off season, at our homes, every once in a while. She was a Pediatric nurse and a personal trainer. She was the most friendly person, with a smile and conversation for everyone. One time, she went to the pier for something simple, and I know spent an hour there talking to the old fishermen. She was just like that. She was exciting and easygoing. She was beautiful to me. She inspired me. I will mourn her loss, for her family, for myself, for her friends. I will know she is with me every year when I make that annual trek to Cape Henlopen, as her wish was to have her ashes spread there. I will rejoice that the world is truly a better place because of the part she played. C-ya at the beach, girlfriend.

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