Saturday, January 21, 2006

She's leaving home, bye, bye

Emma and I arose early for a visit to Shenandoah University for an Open House. This was my first experience. Pat (known as My Handsome Prince in previous posts) has gone on others with her. Boy, did I miss out on college. Anyway, the open house started with a short theatre production which was very entertaining. That right there was impressive to me (I don't think I'm hard to impress). We went from there to majors. The couple who head up the Music Therapy major were very thorough, exciting, and informative about concepts in music therapy. Unfortunately, Emma will never be rich in money, but truly in experience, if she follows this path. It does suit her. Then there was financial aid, student affairs, and a tour of the campus. I really liked the college, not the price, but I think she would be eligable for some scholarships. One, in fact, the Unique Major scholarship, which has to do with the fact that Music Therapy is not offered in any Maryland University (and for some reason the American Music Therapy Association is located in Silver Spring, MD, get that?). I'm sold, but I'll probably be sold next Saturday when we visit Immaculata in PA.

How in the world can I let my first born go? This is just breaking my heart, yet I'm so excited for her future. I wish I could go with her. What will I do if she really decides to go to Chapman in California?


Jeanne said...

It's hard when the first one goes!

We live just a few minutes from Chapman. It's a lovely campus, and the town is quaint and antigue-y.

Dana said...

Jeanne, if we come out I'll let you know. Thanks for the input. She's interested in it for it's Disciple bacground.