Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy day

Saturday was my birthday. What a simple day. What a perfect day. I remember when I used to expect spectacular things and was always disappointed. I never realized that things were spectacular as they are. I started my Saturday as I always do, with my Handsome Prince beside me, drinking coffee, listening to Car Talk. As the day progessed, I finished our holiday letter, walked the puppies, and went with Em to get waxed. In between things, I continued to work on the binding of my Seasons Quilt. I wanted service gifts from the girls (although Audrey strongly objected to cleaning her room for me, she did not feel it was truly for me, little does she know). Emma made me a couple cds, which I love! One of them I can't use, though because of some strong language (MF, over and over, we had a good laugh!). Audrey baked me some cupcakes from this month's Country Living Magazine. Here they are:

MMMMM! Rich and delicious! My cycle class this morning had to work hard to make up for me eating these babies. We ended the day by going out for Burgers, here, and to see Walk The Line. All four of us thought the movie was great! A perfect day.

On another note, here are some things that I have finished lately:

An online swap with a group of primitive appliquers and quilters. This one is just for us! First quilt I've ever made for our bed.

The first hat I ever knit. This is Audrey's hat. I am quite pleased with it. Even though she picked out the yarn and pattern, she has yet to wear it. That's ok, it was a pleasure to make.

And a pair of Isotoner slippers I emebellished. I dryfelted the squiggle and added some MOP buttons. I just love wearing these! An yes, it is another thing just for me! After years of making things to give away, I'm keeping a few.

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