Wednesday, May 31, 2006

She Did it!

Audrey finally cut her hair! We all started growing our hair at the same time with the intent to donate it. Well, I did not last long, because as soon as that 10 inches was there, off that ponytail came! I will admit I chickened out twice and had to have someone go with me to hold my hand. But this isn't about me. Over the weekend, typical Audrey, decided she wanted her hair cut NOW. There was no time for it and she moped, just a wee bit. Today, when she went to the hairdressers, there was not much nervousness, no hesitation, just cut it! When it was done, she could not stop running her fingers through her hair, playing with it, seeing what it would do. She says she misses her long hair, but I think once she gets to school tomorrow, she may feel differently. I know everyone is going to love it! I'm so proud of her! Now to mail the ponytails to Locks of Love. As you see, Emma liked playing with them. Emma got a trim, too, with new bangs. She's the holdout, she's not ready for donating yet. I love Audrey's new "do"!


autum said...

I love Audrey's new do too!

gymnastcrazed said...

she looks like someone i know