Saturday, December 02, 2006

And a good time was had by all

This year we hosted the 2nd annual ornament exchange. The particulars were:
Each person brings 1-3 ornaments
Each ornament must be handmade and one you would be pleased to receive
Each ornament is unwrapped and ready to hang
Each person goes home with as many ornaments as he/she brought

As everyone arrives, they hang their ornaments on the tree and take time to covet the ones they want. We wait for everyone to arrive. Each person receives a number for each ornament they brought. I think our numbers went up to 100! But, I think there were only about 80 ornaments. We had everything under the sun, crocheted snowflakes, wired robots made from junky stuff, felted, beaded balls, felt cardinals, pipecleaner christmas trees, button wreaths, and more! You saw ours. Needless to say, number 1 has a tough job to choose from all the ornaments! Not everyone can fit in the sun room where the tree is so they mingle in the kitchen or living room. I had a guest book out so people could sign it along with a favorite Christmas memory or ornament or whatever. I also had sketch paper, markers, and crayons out for people to draw self portraits. It was great to see them and the interesting ways they portrayed themselves. We did this a couple years ago at Family Christmas celebrations. I have a lot of self portraits to hang, now. I had just enough food. The first Friday night in December is perfect. The other events have not really started yet. It was wonderful! I plan on hosting again next year. Oh, our favorite ornament that we received was huge, tacky, hilarious, and extremely creative. It consisted of glittery leaves arching in a rainbow in the colors of a rainbow, stabilized by white fringe yarn (lots of it!) with a framed photograph of our male friends, underneath saying "Have a Gay Christmas".

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