Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our ornaments

More ornaments from the exchange. This one is another one of Audrey's made from whatever she could find in my stash. I kept this one, for two reasons. I love the fact that she just used whatever. We also made the clay buttons years ago when she was home sick. She is definitely her Mother's child. For some reason she collected pop tabs. Ho has two meanings, obviously Christmas, but also the girls have taken to greeting me or each other with "What up, ho?" It has to do with spending a lot of time with military people.
Audrey's mouse, too cute!
My mitten made from a recycled sweater. Knotty bits, I have another one of these! Posted by Picasa


Rabbit Stitchings said...

You guys ornaments are to cute... what fun your whole family makes them! Great tradition!

Simonetta said...

Uaauuuu Dana,your ornaments are very beautiful indeed. The penguin is so nice!
Also the small elf in the vase of flowers is adorable.
Excuse me for my silence I hope that for you is everything ok!