Monday, December 11, 2006

Glorious Monday

It's hard to believe it's December 11. It's hard to believe that Christmas is only two weeks away. It's hard to believe that it's sunny and 60ish when last week it was below freezing. It's hard to believe that we ordered carpet to be installed on 12/19. What were we thinking?!

Here is Gus enjoying the day.
It's his favorite thing, to be outside, in the sun, guarding the yard from those who should not enter, like this visitor, whom I've taken a liking to. He comes and visits, sits on the edge of the hot tub while I soak or waits with Audrey on the bus stop. I know I've rambled.

We have spent the day gutting the basement, more specifically, my sewing/crafting area. My fabric is in the laundry room, my documents are in the shower (yes, the shower!), my books and magazines in a large storage tote outside. It's really hard to touch all my stuff and not want to make something. Like this:

Oh my! If I didn't have yo-yo fever before from this, this, and this. I certainly do now! I know there are more yo-yos out there that are just as beautiful. I just could not find them right now.

Cynic the Lamb at Knottybits and I had our own little ornament swap. She sent me this lovely!

Believe me, the photo does not do it justice. It is just perfect! Her sewing is excellent and the shape and size are larger, which I love. She has these on sale in her Etsy shop if anyone is looking for a nice ornament. I'm just thrilled with it!

I have all kinds of crafting going on here despite the destruction and movement in the house. Only, I can't show you as there are some people who read this blog who might be receiving some benefits from the crafting. All I can say is, between me, Audrey and My sister, we are coming up with some fun ideas!

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