Thursday, December 07, 2006

Signs of Christmas

Here are the signs of Christmas in our house:
My half decorated big tree in my half done sunroom. Yup! Everything is half done around here. The decorations on the tree are all the ones we chose from the party and the extras that were left. Many people made more than they took. The tree is perfect for this room, though. Thanks Aunt and Uncle!

My half decorated handmade ornament tree. All the ornaments have not come down from the attic yet and will not until after the 20th. We are idiots and decided to have new carpeting installed on the 19th, entire main floor and basement. Ugh! What were we thinking?! See my Gay Christmas ornament? I love it! The snowman in front was a paper mache ornament I made a few years back. All the kids got them filled with candy.
A Rosemary tree given to me by my sister, complete with beads and a melted bead star. She bought 10 of these at Lowes for gifts. I'm heading out tomorrow to buy 4 for gifts. It smells heavenly..
The List. There is a list tradition that started when I was a kid. I'm not sure how my parents came up with the idea, but it has carried into my family and my sister's family. No Christmas is complete until you put The List up, regardless of when. Like this year when all the shopping has already been done. My sister keeps her lists (I think). I do not. Audrey likes to make The List. So this is this years list, just put up last night. Posted by Picasa

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jojo* said...

Love that list. New carpet would be good, but a Thunderbird would be even better!!!