Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Gifts

Okay, I really tried for the days of the week posts but gift making, gift shopping and getting ready for carpet really got in the way. Today I feel that I can post a couple of the gifts I made as I am giving them away tonight. The recipients read my blog so did not want to ruin the surprise. This is a stole made for my father who is a minister. The tag inside reads:

This stole started with a wool jacket of yours. To it, I added a top that both Rachel and I wore, a tie of Pat's, and dresses from Emma and Audrey's wardrobe. Wear it in Peace, Dad. I love you.

This is a knit, felted bowl for his wife. It was too tall so I scalloped the edge and dry felted some yarn along it. The whole reason I scalloped it was because I had folded down a brim and it looked too much like a premie hat and here is Audrey modeling it on her head. Sheesh!
That's it for the gifts tonight.

Earlier in the week, we attended the high school choral concert, this time to see Audrey performing in the treble choir. The treble choir is a group that meets after school for 1/2 hour, 1 day a week. It was a strong group of women and much better than the Beginner's concert choir that meet daily. It was such a joy to see my other daughter up on stage, looking confident and happy, singing Christmas songs.

Today we attended NC Idol at the high school. What a fun time! Three contestants, along with some guest performers (Emma included) and an audience vote. I am reminded what a good school my daughter attends. Emma having graduated, succeding in college, definitely prepared. Audrey just beginning her education. Yes, there are frustrating things within the school, county and state, but for the most part, it is good.

Now time for the really good, family time.

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