Sunday, December 31, 2006

In One Short Year

I've managed to get my mojo and lose it, let my oldest child go forth into the world, been terrified, seen and heard some great music, tried not to smother my youngest child with attention, keep my blog fairly consistent, complete a mini triathalon, make a good friend, help with the care of those I love, challenge myself creatively, not participate in the cq ornament exchange, have some good camping trips, celebrate 21 years, use what I have, buy too much stuff, please some people, let some down, been intollerant, not achieved some goals, set new goals, finish some projects, start some new, not finish some that should have been finished, went to familiar places, said Goodbye to a dog, watch those I love struggle and come out on top, felt and been inadequate, been insensitive, participated in service projects. There has been more. It's been a well rounded year, with struggles and triumphs, frustration and elation. Shouldn't it be this way?

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