Friday, March 28, 2008

Are You Allright?

There has been a little nagging thought in the back of my head for the past week. Easter is a time of ressurection, rebirth, now I am reminded of the death of a young woman, too early taken. I think of her rebirth through her children. I hope stories are told, the good and the bad, the photos are shared. I'd like to know if there is a certain story of her that is told, remembered.

It was a busy day, starting at an early service, where Audrey was a participant. Always a meaningful experience when the youth leads the service. Breakfast at church then off to my father's church, where Emma was singing. Our presence there moved my father to tears. What a wonderful feeling, to please someone so much, with no pressures, nothing expected, just to be there. Of course, it made me cry too. Home for a brief moment, to regroup and let the dogs out, then back in the car to go to Mom's. Gathering there were the 4 of us, My sister and her family, plus Auntie and Uncle. Barely halfway there, the phone rang, wondering where we were, there were starving people in Towson. The pressure was on. Once we ate and scattered a bit, things calmed down. The girls, plus MHP, all played a hilarious game of cards that lasted forever. You never heard so much laughter. I know it pleased my Mom to have us there, laughing and loving.

I've been in pain this week, with neck issues and what I believe to be tendonitis in both elbows. I ache every morning so I soak in the hot tub before doing anything. I haven't lifted in a month, so feel flabby and blah. Today is an appointment with Laura for a massage, so I am moving forward. We missed two appointments due to various things but will now be on track and hopefully avoid the neck issues.

I made no friends in class this week. On Wednesday, my turn to present my research findings, our teacher was finishing up our chapter review and decided to let us out of class early, not remembering there were presentations to be made. I literally held my hand up and said "NO!" She looked at me, questioning, head cocked, and I held up my notecards. There were people at the door, ready to leave and she made them sit down for my presentation. It was only 5 minutes, I was prepared, I was not going to do it another day. I'm sure they are saying things about that "old" lady in class, what a PIA she is, too perky, too outspoken, too participatory, etc., etc. I'm amazed at how little fun they have.

It's Friday. I have a massage. I am shopping tonight with my daughters and a friend. I'm caught up with most of my homework, so might get some stitching out. That would do it, wouldn't it?

Tomorrow is a day that we have put aside to go to West Virginia to visit Shorty. He is not well and worsening all the time. A sad time.

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Rabbit Stitchings said...

okay so I am thinking that yes at 40 something we are a bit more out spoken in class then we would be at 20? I have also experienced this. I think it is okay :O)...
It is where we are in life and well they are where they are LOL. I guess both ages have their positive points :O)...

I had a 40 something moment in math class last week LOL.

I am finding school to be both interesting and exhausting times I love it and at times I think why the heck am I putting myself thru this LOL.. but mostly I love it!

I hope the massages help your ouchies,,,ouchies can really zap your energy. Take care of yourself!
No lifting going on here yet, but I am back on the EFX :O) ... the weights are next to add back in!