Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This is the note I left in the maintenance cart at the college. Inspired by Keri
Smith's Guerilla Art book
, this post, this site, this message, I decided this would be a great youth project. Well....it was ok. They made a few notes, some of which were precious. One wrote 4 messages on one note in 2 minutes and was done for the evening. That's 6 & 7 year olds for you. We had fun coming up with things and tried to sneak one into the church office but it seemed to always be occupied. My book bag is full of thesel ittle tidbits and I will leave one everywhere I go for a while

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Anonymous said...

Early in Niall Williams As It is in Heaven, a father of a love struck and lost son, who himself is dying, decides that his gift to his son will be to make him a suit. This father was a tailor and has been retired. He lays himself on the fabric on the floor and decides the size of the suit by his memory of his son, and then sews it. The money he has saved over his life, he decides to take in small amounts and hide it in places in his town and let God decide who shall find and be blessed by the cash.

Then, you remember, of course, the ABC float in the Bicentennial parade in Oak Park in which we tossed medical capsels given to us by a pharmicist in our midst and into which we had put small pieces of paper with promises for the future of our nation and community.

Love Dad