Monday, March 31, 2008

Shorty Grapes

We went to visit this remarkable man on Saturday. Hospice had just gotten there, cleaned him up, shaved him, and then medicated him. We went in to the small bedroom. Each of us took our turn, kissing him, holding his hand. My Handsome Prince told him he looked handsome, Shorty responded "I wouldn't say that". It was awkward, my daughters not quite sure what to do, MHP talking. We left him to rest a bit, cried a bit, visited with Ellen, Enid, Maude, Carolyn was snoozing with him. These women are his 2 daughters and sisters, who are his constant caregivers, constant companions. Remarkable man, remarkable women. Our next little visit was easier, we snuggled in a bit more, even Apple Sunshine found a warm spot in the crook of his belly where he could caress her, we held his hand or just touched him, we stopped the visiting and sang. We gave him water and just were there in the moment. The house is a constant of people in and out. I think the house was full yesterday, when he finally died. I am sad, my children are sad, my husband is sad. I know there are many others. What I do know is that Shorty was ready, he was at peace, he was ready to go home.

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Phyllis said...

You write so beautifully. I can picture the house, the grief, and the final peace. And I know when you and your family are ready to reflect on this man's life, you will all come to celebrate the love and joy Shorty Grapes added to your individual lives. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please tell Pat we are especially sorry. I know he will miss his grandfather a lot. Auntie