Friday, March 14, 2008

The Saga of the Vest

My niece decided to learn to sew. She's a gymnast and has a back issue so is resting and wearing a brace. She started a black denim fitted vest, it's so easy mind you, or so the pattern says, with the most adorable lining - red with black polka dots. Well she got it constructed but when it came to turning it right side out, they could not figure it out. I received a phone call or two, they took it to Grandma, who washed her hands of the matter after some frustrating time. Everyday I'd call, "Did you get it?" No. This was bugging me as much as them! So, I cleaned up my studio and told them I had 2-3 hours that afternoon. Li'l Sis packed up the kids, her patterns, the vest, and came over. Remember the last time? Well, I had no expectations other than to finish the vest. It was a mess! It had been through the wringer more than once. The lining was beginning to fray from the handling. The construction was great, though, and Abigail had done a wonderful job sewing. Finally, after looking at vest patterns, my own frustrated turning, I looked on the Internet for some guidance. God bless the Internet. That's how I've learned some of my knitting (some from Auntie). We decided there was an error in the pattern. So I carefully ripped and carefully sewed and gave instructions on how to patch, should she need, and how to hand sew the opening closed. She did a beautiful job. She is quite pleased as she should be. It's a lovely vest. BTW, she also made the dress she is wearing.

Remember Bino and the powder? This time it was the Master Mind game. This is just a small portion of the mess that was on the floor. I found him on his back, on the floor, shooting the little pieces as if they were missiles, compete with the the noise.

It was a wonderful, much needed time with my sister and her kids. We don't get this time much anymore. I left for work before they left. Audrey had just gotten home so they were doing their visiting. On my way to work I called My Handsome Prince and told him I had the Best Afternoon! It's been a good week.

Today I head to the shore. Heaven.

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CalicoDaisy said...

I want to go to the shore. However, I'm leaving for Gainesville, FL, to help my dad through surgery for a week. I'll be in a hotel, though, with my sewing machine and a bunch of simple projects I never get to here. It could go well...