Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back in Bawlamer, Hon!

Our weekend home was just what it needed to be. We puttered around the house, got Audge out on her scooter, had dinner at Mom's, got our dog back and then CRASH! Pat was wiped out from Saturday afternoon until Monday evening. He was just tired and achey, all expected. He snoozed and rested until we made our way back here and once here, snoozed during radiation and chilled on the couch.
Tuesday was a much better energy day for both of us. I had a great walk in the morning, even getting lost, which was kind of thrilling in a fun way. We met Bill and Suzan for lunch at a small, local place, Ethel and Ramone's for some Maryland Creole cuisine on Fat Tuesday before radiation. Grocery shopping, cooking, catching up with Marie, dinner with the girls and pups made for feeling like we are home, sort of.
Pat is still feeling good, with the exception of some cold symptoms which if don't change in 24 hours, should probably be addressed. We are going to help Audrey with some things today, Emma and I are attending a Barre class (or getting our asses kicked) and getting Haute dogs for lunch. If ever in the area, The Haute Dog Cart is a hot dog you won't forget. Falls and Lake, cash only. Mmmmm.
I hope to see my Dad this week and my Sissy for more than five minutes. It's already Wednesday and I have a long list of things to do here in Baltimore. We lived in the area, well north by an hour, so there are things I know that I want to do. This is a more intimate experience with the city and there is much to experience, making the best of our time here. Hampden is on our list this week, although I already missed The Charm City Knitters at The Golden West, oh well, next week.

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