Thursday, February 07, 2013

Mt. Washington Days

We are developing a rhythm, a routine here in Mt. Washington. We have coffee with Marie every morning, listening to NPR. Marie retreats upstairs to do her thing, Pat surfs the net, and I walk. I love the streets of Mt. Washington. They provide a challenge with the steep climbs and the houses are quite grand. Apparently, in the early 19th century, this area was a retreat for the wealthy to escape the oppressive heat of the city and was part of the streetcar line.
Pat's radiation appointments are set all week for 2pm. It has taken until yesterday for them to get his positioning just right. He already has the routine down, check in at the front desk, walk back to radiation, change, and wait for his therapist. The radiation only takes 10-15 minutes. Right now, in his words, easy peasy. I went back with him yesterday as there is a waiting area for both patients and family members. It was very intimidating for me. The doors to the treatment area are 3 feet thick and close slowly with the patient inside. I told Pat when his door first started to close I wanted to scream STOP! And get him the hell out of dodge. He laughed at me.
Apparently there is a schedule and routine to the patients who are undergoing radiation. Same bat time, same bat channel. They know each other and an easy banter flows among them. I was a newcomer yesterday but by the end of Pats radiation I had histories of two patient's illnesses and questions about my knitting.
Evenings are spent with our girls. We remain at Marie's house. I've cooked and ordered out. We always invite Marie to join us, and she does when shes home and then we take over her living room, her tv. It's an invasion. I hope we are not overstepping and always ask her to tell us when we do. We watch movies and last night played our family favorite, a game of euchre. The good of all this is time spent as a family again, dinners together, games, and movies, not rushed or crammed into a weekend.
Pat continues to feel good and has a good appetite. Today we are going over to The Quarry to walk, have lunch and maybe do a little shoppy shop. Its good to get out other than the hospital.

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