Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cookie Wednesday

For the gang I hang with these days. Of course I also made some for our children, our host Marie and her Grandkids. Spread the love.


Kae said...

These are beautiful, Dana, and very inspiring. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Pat, the girls and your ever-expanding family of friends!

Molly's Family said...

Your cookies are beautiful and look so tasty. I think you should have a cooking show on TV like Rachel Ray and the others. You have a name that sounds perfect for a show name.
The Dana Miller Cooking Show
Just think you could be a celebrity and also put Dagsboro on the map! Hope things are going well with Pat. Hopefully, you will soon be in Dagsboro again for the weekend. Snow in the forecast for Sat. night but only expecting 2 inches. Take care . Molly's Family