Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

JHH is like a ghost town on the weekend. Even more so today than yesterday. The same in Pat's room. He had a steady stream of visitors Friday and Saturday. We had music playing, games in progress, walks around the small wing and tons of snacks. He has been his charming, outgoing, inappropriate self. Today was just us with the exception of a short visit and prayer with my Dad. It was needed too. Pat is having some minor repercussions of the chemicals in his body and rest was difficult last night. He spent most of the day snoozing but woke up early enough to be ready for the game. Those who were working in this ghost town were sporting their purple. Audrey and I stayed until halftime then left him on his own. I got a text later in the evening stating his last bag of chemo was done! Discharge in the morning!

It is now Monday, his fluids are finished, he is good to go. I'll get him set up in his home away from home. That means sofa, remote, computer. I'll put on a pot of potato soup. We'll start a new routine for the week.

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Molly's Family said...

So glad you can take Pat to your temporary home. Yum....potato soup sounds good. Will he be an outpatient for the next 5 days for the radiation treatment? Keep the faith and remember God is with you every step of the way. Hope you like the Ravens since that is who we were rooting for. Both teams are good but I like the Ravens .What an exciting game! Take care. Molly's Family--- Molly went to the groomers today and she looks really cute with her valentine scarf they put on her!