Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SPT-All of Me - Silkies

I admit it. I am a forty two year old woman who still loves to feel the edge of my blanket. Can't help it. At least I don't suck my fingers anymore. I quit that when I was probably 10. This is my collection of blankets. Only two of them are perfect, the other two will suffice. You don't know how difficult it is to get the correct type of satin, silky edging. I'm always on a search (e-bay or family- I'm still trying to steal one away from my sister's dog). They die, especially when fondled. My favorite one is dyeing, slowly. It dates back to my childhood and was my blanket when I spent the night at Grandma's. My sister brought it back a few years ago. I'm not going to apologize, nor give them up, they are a part of me. My family accepts it. There is comfort. I totally relate to children who have blankets, stuffed animals, slips, etc. and especially when they don't want them washed. It's me. It's something I accept but something others find odd, although I'm sure there are some closet blanket holders out there.


brenda said...

Our youngest, Rain sucks two fingers and has just begun carrying her blanket around....I've had a thumbsucker before, but Rain is the first to do the "blankie"!

mamachelly said...

Maybe they aren't right because they are the wrong color. Wasn't the original more brownish/blackish/winter-earthy colors?