Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yesterday I volunteered for WTMD, a public radio station out of Towson University. They play an amazing mix of music that I truly enjoy. Check them out, if you like, make a pledge. There, that was my input. My job was to take pledge calls between the hours of 1-3pm. Well, it is definitely a quiet time. I think we received 7 calls during my shift. My first call was my father, whose pledge I messed up! You'd think I'd know my Dad's address! What a dufus! BTW, he got the other volunteer then asked for me. I love my Dad. We laughed. It was an interesting experience. I was basically right there watching them produce the afternoon radio show. I got to put faces to the names I hear daily. I also was quite humbled by the knowledge of music in these young people (probably all 15-20 years younger than me, except for the other volunteer). What I know about music (which I thought was a decent amount) can fit in a thimble compared to these people. I was introduced to a couple new artists, not literally (check out Grace Potter and Brandi Carlile). I'm anxious to start listening and expanding my music repertoire. I'm going to see if they need volunteers on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe I'll really meet or hear someone. Cool.

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