Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SPT - All of Me - Got Game?

This is me every morning. Major hair game. Others may call in pillow head or bed head but in this family it's hair game. This is even after putting a comb through it. I don't shower in the morning and show up for work looking like this. Of course, that's because I teach fitness classes. Why bother if it's just going to get worse. There are some days when it is 36 hours before I get a shower, due to the amount of classes I may end up teaching, morning and evening. Today is one of those days. What kills me, is that occasionally when I go other places than the gym looking like this, I get positive comments on my hair. Makes me wonder what I really look like when I "do" my hair. We do a lot of camping in the spring, summer and fall. We camp with other families and there is usually a hair game competition. It's not a big thing, just who's got the best game that morning. My competition is usually my Brother-in-law. I'm proud of my game, but I still have a large collection of hats. Posted by Picasa

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