Tuesday, February 07, 2006

SPT- All of Me - Underneath it all

This is me. Not the best, not the worst. My uniform changes with the activity, but basically I look the same. Slightly mussed, curly hair, usually a smile, makeup or not, double chin, fit body, my mother's hands, fat feet, strong thighs, small droopy breasts, wrinkles, shapely shoulders. Good and bad. I can live with the double chin, or the fat feet and have truly learned to appreciate the curls. What you don't see is underneath it all. The churning of the waters when above all seems calm. The frantic paddling to keep abreast. These are my worst features and the hardest to embrace, yet they are a part of me. The panic, worry, guilt, doubt, anger, grudge, the inability to let go, the disorganization of my mind. Yet they indicate passion, caring, striving, compassion, intenseness, desire, quest, answers. Good and bad.

"You're really lovely, Underneath it all. You want to love me, Underneath it all. I'm really lucky Underneath it all. You're really lovely." - No Doubt

I must remember.

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Emma said...

I think you are the most beautiful woman on earth and I really look up to you mommy. You are wonderful inside and out!