Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A bit of creativity a bit of cuteness

This bag was much more of a challenge to make than I thought. Quality Control was not with me on this. I still think it's pretty cute, I just hope it is useful. Lot's of mistakes and poor planning, but love the colorway! The cross stitch was started about 5 years ago and finally finished a couple weeks ago. The back is patched just like the front without theMOP buttons. The inside is lined with the lightest fabric.
I just couldn't resist this. Punkin remained like this for at least an hour. She must have really missed us. Posted by Picasa


weirdbunny said...

good combination of the patch work and embroidery. I love patchwork.

Simonetta said...

The purse has succeeded beautifully!!!!And the cat is as many beautiful!!!! The I love a lot the cats :))))