Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Okay, the nightmares have begun. I've been through this before, just with different things. Last night I dreamt that instead of participating in the swim, I participated in a scavenger hunt. Then upon arriving to the transition area, I realized I never set anything up! Luckily, Tasha had set up my shoes and gloves. But I didn't have a bike! Ugh! I'll get through this but I better get some sleep!

I've started making a list, so really should be prepared. I'm not as prepared physically as I would like to be but it's okay. There is another triathalon in August that I might participate in. I don't know. My plans for today fell through at 7:30 this morning. Originally, I was supposed to meet Tasha and Carrie (another Y employee and fellow- maybe - triathalon competitor) for a swim in a lake to try out wetsuits and open body of water. Well, drama ensued, too long of a drive for a 10 minute swim and other things have pretty much done it in. Instead, I'll be cleaning off my bike and going for the first ride of the season. I haven't been worried about the ride portion because of teaching a cycling class every day of the week. Now all of a sudden I'm in a panic. Tears are threatening. Not only did plans fall through but I feel like I'm letting my sister down by not taking her to PT (my parents are sharing the responsibility - I think). I'm a mess.

Let's add to this the fact that my dog is sick, no clue what it is, $$$ at the vet, and no improvement. Also, finally fixed my sock (still singular) only to make another huge booboo. Do I totally take it apart and start anew? Do I discard and start with fresh yarn? Or do I plod along frogging it, not really knowing how to do it and how to start again. If anyone is a knitter who is reading this, leave me your thoughts.

A physically capable body.
A sunny day.
Children events tonight, a dinner for show choir and a middle school band concert. I love these things!
Peanut butter and bagel

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Lisa D. said...

Hi Dana - you will get throught the triathlon and your other challenges. You are a strong and capable woman!

As far as the sock goes, if I was really frustrated with it, I'd probably start over and not try frogging. Sometimes 'reknitting' adds to the frustration level for me. Hang in there!