Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Bits

Yesterday I received a sweet package in the mail. In came from a friend I met around 15 years ago, and with whom I literally only spent about 3 months. We have corresponded over the years, snail and e-mail, and had two short visits in this span of time. She sent me a package of some letters I had written her, some she had written me, some snippets of fabrics of projects she had worked on, some extra quilt blocks (stars, like Jeanne's - guess what kind of quilt Sammajamma is getting!), and such. It was such a delight to read about the kids when they were younger, and yes, even the difficult times. It's so different than looking back, reading the words you actually wrote at the time. That is one of the reasons for blogging. I have never been a journal writer. I am so thankful to have these snippets.

Today was a service awards breakfast at the high school. It was for anyone who has earned over 300 hours of community service since 6th grade. Emma would probably have over a thousand if she would fill out the papers for all the church work she does! Yet, she has earned over 300 hours with all the service projects at school. What a wonderful honor. I'm proud to be the Mother of such a service oriented, giving child. BTW, Audrey has already earned 100 and she is not even in high school yet!

Tomorrow is the BIG EVENT. Barf.


Jeanne said...

I will be alongside you all day tomorrow.
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Go Dana, Go Dana, Go Dana ...
Jeanne :)