Saturday, May 20, 2006

Todays project

I needed another yard project like I needed a hole in my head. Yet, when on freecycle, someone advertised forsythia, it was an anwer to what I have always wanted to plant along our property line. I've been putting it off for years, not wanting to buy, and even tried rooting some branches this year, but no luck. Well, I got my wish, except no one to help me dig. Ugh! Good upper body exercise. I hope to get it all done today. This woman was digging her forsythia out with a backhoe! She tried to get me to take more, but I figured this was enough to keep me busy for the entire day. If I want more, I know where I can get it! BTW, if anyone has a
freecycle in their area, I highly advise joining. You can get all sorts of crap, um, stuff, and get rid of yours. Posted by Picasa

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YHP said...

And they look GREAT honey!! I was happy to help what little I did.