Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My day

My posts have been infrequent and so has my crafting. My day today consisted of a quick 500 yard swim followed by teaching a cycle class. From there I drove to get my sister and take her to physical therapy. While there, Sammajamma and I played on the big fitness balls, stacked cones, whispered in them, held them on his head, made them into bicoculars, and anything else you can do with a simple cone. From there I took Li'l Sister shopping a bit and for a bite of lunch. Now am on my way to a fit ball class and a kickbox class. This has been a typical day. I've been pulling a lot of classes due to lack of instructors. I've been trying to train for a triathalon that takes place on 5/27 (yikes!). I'm also taking Li'l Sister to PT 2x a week. We always have a good laugh together. End of school year activities have been double booked, one in middle and one in high. The end is near, thank goodness.

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Jeanne said...

A busy time of year!
How's your sister's recovery?