Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reason to Save

I received my copy of Mason*Dixon Knitting yesterday. What a wonderfully written book! It is so full of inspiration! Of course I want to make everything, but what really killed me was the Calamari knitting. Holy moly! Another reason to save stuff! Now I feel like I have to go through all those Goodwill bags that are in all cars (4) and take out anything that I might be able to use for yarn. I've already got collections of wine corks, bottle caps, now collecting snapple caps, t-shirts (t-shirt quilts), altoid tins, broken dishes, and I'm sure I could find more. I once collected toilet paper tubes with no reason, and all of a sudden, the church needed them. A ha! All of this on top of a fabric stash that includes cottons, wools (rug hooking), and fancies (crazy quilting), plus laces, ribbons, buttons, trims, threads, yarn. Li'l Sister was over once working on a project. She was amazed and overwhelmed by my junk. I was complaining about it, figuring what I would actually use (you know that once it is out is when you found the time and project that you absolutely needed it for!), and asked what would happen to it all if I died (even more reason to get things done!). She said, "I would take it all." I do not want that load on her! So, off to do something!


autum said...

Dana, sorry you are having a bad day. Things do seem to pile up all at once sometimes don't they? {{{hugs}}}

Jeanne said...

Haha -- I had three sacks full of Altoid tins! Tossed them in a garage-cleaning frenzy one day. I DO still have bags full of corks :) and ponder once in a while about how many bottles of wine are represented.

{{{{BIG HUG}}} Hope tomorrow is smoother. You'll be in my thoughts.

weirdbunny said...

oh dear thats a lot of strange stuff to hoard!!