Thursday, September 28, 2006

America on the Move

This week has been America on the Move week at they YMCA. It's about taking small steps towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle. My YMCA gave out pedometers to the first 100 participants. This started on Saturday (?). Last night I was on duty as a fitness attendant and discovered there were two pedometers left. Hmmmm, mind thinking, I wonder how many steps I take a day? Audrey is in the middle of a health class, this would help her determine how active she is. I snatched them both. Last night, in a period of 4 1/2 hours, I walked over 5,000 steps! This morning, before 9:30, I walked 4,700. I wonder how many steps Audrey walks in the high school daily? We will find out. Anybody want to guess how many steps Audrey takes in high school? She has 4 classes daily. Anybody want to guess how many steps I take in a day? Keep in mind that I teach an average of two fitness classes a day. BTW, 10,000 is the daily goal and 1 billion steps nationwide, this week.

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