Friday, September 15, 2006

Best Concert Ever!

Holy Moly! Last night was an unexpected blast! We intended to have a great time, but the music far exceeded our expectations.

The Wood Brothers - Two guys, one steel guitar, one double bass, that's it. Yes, they jammed. The one brother beat the hell out of the bass, crunched himself all over it, and got music you would never expect to hear. Also gave great face. The other just sat, played his guitar, sang, and grooved to the music. They were incredible! I'm going to buy their cd, just to remember the evening.

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals - I've been listening to her cd "Nothing but the Water" for a few months now. It's a great cd, bluesy and soulful. Her concert, on the other hand, was headbanging and rocking! Hair flying, toungue out reminiscent of Gene Simmons, laying on the floor pounding on her guitar. The crowd was wild. We all left laughing and hard of hearing.

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Jeanne said...

I always enjoy reading your 'music' entries. I can tell music is dear to your heart.

Jeanne :)