Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Family Weekend

The thought of going to college was not an easy one for Emma. She had many concerns, one of which was making friends. Does it look like she is having trouble making friends? She is truly embracing college life, the fun, the stress, dorm life, music, work. I hope it continues.

Here are the roommates and their sisters. They stayed together all weekend. Although a good time was had, I think two extra people in a dorm room was a bit much! Surprisingly, Emma is keeping a neat room. She never did at home (hand up to mouth, Jack Black style, "Ooops, did I say that?").

Here we are, Mom, Grandma, and sisters.

The weekend itself: Mom and her Sister, Phyllis arrived before we did. The got the initial introductions to the dorm floor. Emma told a funny story of a boy down the hall screaming something inappropriate (at least for Grandmas and Grand Aunts - in his opinion - he doesn't know our family) and stopping standstill upon seeing them in her room. The arrived bearing gifts of peach cobbler, chocolate, and eclairs (for Audrey, which we accidentally left). We arrived a bit later, just in time to attend the Wind Ensemble concert. Emma's roommate was in this group. It was a short concert, featuring the works of Aaron Copeland. An outstanding concert! It ended with the piece of work that featured quotes from Abraham Lincoln. Spectacular!

The weekend featured concerts at all times. We attended three, the Wind Ensemble, the Jazz Ensemble, and of course, the Choirs. All of which were amazing! Emma is in the Shenandoah Chorus. The school also features Cantus Singers, Jazz/show singers, Chamber Singers, and a Conservatory Choir. The world is her oyster. What is incredible is that all the groups only had about 6 practices. I can only imagine the progress these groups will make. I will be attending as many concerts and performances as I can.

Emma remarked that she was surprised that she made it into the University Conservatory. She is so fortunate to be surrounded by music and theatre. She is learning to play the piano and guitar and loves her voice teacher!

We did the usual shopping, Emma needed a few items. We had her car serviced, ate out every meal, and managed to leave her alone for short periods of time. She was a bit stressed with us there but we all enjoyed being together again.

I thought this time would be more difficult than it is. I thought I would have a more physical grief than I do. This does not mean that I don't miss my child, just that I've done my job, so far. The joy I have at seeing her at school and hearing of the experiences she might have is worth every worry, every tear I shed during the year. My time with Audrey is expanding, much to her chagrin. We both like our solitude, so we are easing into our time together. Mornings are quiet, with Audrey very focused on getting ready for school. We talk a little of what the day holds and I sit with her while she has breakfast. No music is on. We are enjoying "House" together, which I had never seen before, now, I hope, it is our show. She has a paper route, which is not quite what she envisioned, so we are waiting for a paycheck before a decision is made. I am enlisting her help with some photo management. After school is another quiet time where we get to talk. We have brief moments, that are just right. We will get acquainted, yet again, this lovely daughter of mine and me.


weirdbunny said...

Oh I so glad your daughter is fitting into university so well !!! Her friends look loveley too. It all sounds so exciting.

MY son leaves primary school for comrehensive school next year, time has just flown. I hope he makes good friends there too. Your posting today has shown me that kids do okay on their own and don't need us constantly worring and fussing over them. Thanks - love julia x

Simonetta said...

Beautiful photo! My compliment indeed, together are very beautiful! I see a lot of love among you them :))))