Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little Orleans Overlook, looking towards Fifteen Mile Creek. Posted by Picasa

Drive about 3 miles from the lodge and there is an overlook, once again, in the middle of nowhere on a bumpy dirt road. It overlooks the Potomac river, into West Virginia. We kayaked this whole expanse. We started slightly south and west of this overlook at a place called Bond's Landing (great place for primitive camping, part of Green Ridge Forest) and floated the great bit curve and ended at Fifteen Mile Creek, a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Little Orleans, literally. There were 5 kayaks and 3 canoes, 11 people total. The river was high, but not too high, and running at a good pace. It was fast enough that not much paddling was involved, only to steer. The day was overcast, but warm (or at least warmer and dryer than it had been), and it was a good run.

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weirdbunny said...

I went canoeing for the first time last week, is that similar to a kayak?